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Amari McGee, born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, has distinguished himself as a passionate advocate and educator for the LGBTQ+ community. His journey into advocacy began in 2018 when he transitioned from female-to-male. This life-changing event sparked a deep and personal exploration into LGBTQ+ history, a journey that not only enhanced his own understanding but also fueled a burning desire to educate others about the intricacies of gender and sexual fluidity.

This mission led Amari to establish To Better Understand, Inc., a non-profit organization with a core aim of assisting individuals who lack knowledge or understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. The organization serves as a beacon of knowledge, inspired by Amari’s own family who encouraged him to continue his quest of educating others about the complexity of gender and sexuality.

On the academic front, Amari is a well-educated individual who holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. He is currently furthering his education by pursuing a Master's degree in Social Justice and Human Rights. His commitment to the cause is also evident in his volunteering efforts. He is an active volunteer at the Transgender Oral History Project at Georgia State University and serves as a committee member of TGX360, contributing his expertise and time to these significant initiatives.

Professionally, Amari has carved a niche for himself in the research sphere, specializing in LGBTQ+ and transgender history. His expertise has been recognized by Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Comcast, and Aflac, who have invited him to speak and facilitate discussions on important topics including allyship, community acceptance, workplace inclusivity, and LGBTQ+ history.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Amari offers consulting services focusing on LGBTQ+ community and engagement and transgender history. He has personally provided valuable consultation to over 200 transgender youth and young adults, helping them navigate their gender identities. His consulting work is comprehensive, encompassing one-on-one coaching sessions, the implementation of research-based curriculum, and the provision of instructional strategies aimed at enhancing LGBTQ+ inclusivity in workplaces.

Amari, in his esteemed role as an educator, has devoted his life and career to the preservation of history. His dedication is particularly evident in his work in transgender history, a field that is often overlooked but of great importance. In order to solidify his commitment to this cause, he pursued and obtained a certification in Archival Science, a discipline that focuses on the preservation and documentation of historical records. This qualification further equipped him with the necessary skills to preserve and document transgender history, ensuring that future generations will have access to these important narratives.

His passion for education and advocacy took another step forward in 2021 when he created the Trans* Lesson Plan podcast. This innovative and informative podcast serves not just as a platform for insightful discussions, but also as a venue for sharing enlightening stories about transgender history and experiences. It reaches a wide audience, effectively promoting a deeper understanding of transgender issues and experiences on a larger scale. Through this podcast, Amari continues to foster dialogue and understanding, disseminating knowledge and promoting inclusivity and acceptance in society.

Amari's diligent work and significant contributions to the LGBTQ+ community have certainly garnered attention and admiration from many. His dedication and commitment to the cause have had a profound impact, and they haven't gone unnoticed by those who appreciate his work. In the year 2023, he was honored with the highly esteemed Pioneer of Education award at the Trans Life Awards. This prestigious accolade acknowledges and celebrates his ceaseless efforts, his unwavering commitment, and his significant accomplishments in the field of education, which have been instrumental in making a difference in many lives.

Looking towards the future, Amari has set his sights on furthering his education by pursuing a doctorate degree within the next 5 years. His goal remains steadfast — to continue his mission of fostering understanding and comprehension of human diversity, and to tirelessly educate others on transgender history, issues, and rights.

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