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Transgender Identity Empowerment Virtual Seminar

This virtual seminar is designed to strengthen, motivate & encourage Trans/NB individuals to embrace their identities. It's natural for our views toward various elements of our identity to shift throughout our lifetime. As most of us know, Gender Dysphoria takes a toll on every person who decides to transition from their assigned sex at birth, but your dysphoria doesn't always have to be something that takes over your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing. Your identity should be what makes you whole and push you to a level of confidence that you thought you could never reach.  Embracing your identity is key  to your transition. Empowering your identity means that you are looking to find what makes you feel complete.

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Candlelight Vigil Virtual Event

In this virtual event, we'll honor the lives lost and break down statistics of Transgender violence. 2021 has broken the record for transgender homicides in a year, with 45 so far – the majority of whom are Black or Latinx. With 44 homicides tallied last year being the previous high. Because of police and media misgendering, anti-trans murders are frequently reported incorrectly. Reporting has improved as law enforcement and the media have been more sensitive to trans individuals, sometimes increasing the visibility of those killed. The day was established to bring attention to the ongoing brutality against transgender individuals.

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